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The Proposition

The Proposition



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Enter Trouble with a Capital T

So this week's teaser introduces us to a new character....and a potential new love interest for Emma. Thus, why I'm calling him Trouble with a Capital T! You may have heard of him mentioned in the book blurb over at Literati Literature Lovers...That would be Dr. Alpesh "Pesh" Nadeen. 

Shall we take a peek at him before we read his scene with Emma?!!

Sure, he's out of his scrubs and white coat here...but hello??!

He's going to play into the sequel quite a bit...he's a 180 from our all-American boy Aidan, but he's also a 180 in all the right ways of wanting to settle down with a wife and child. They first met when Patrick was taken to the ER with chest pains(the earlier teaser where Aidan and Emma see each other again for the first time). After she's put on bed-rest, he wants to get to know her better. 

                        ****ROUGH DRAFT & SUBJECT TO CHANGE******

Pesh’s closeness caused her heartbeat to accelerate. His woodsy cologne, the heat from his body, the tousled dark hair she wanted to run her fingers through—it drove her to distraction. Breathing normally like he had requested was completely out of the question. Instead, she managed to draw in several harsh pants. Pesh’s dark eyes swept from the stethoscope up to hers. He took the buds out of his ears and smiled knowingly. “Either I’m making you nervous, or you need to get back to the hospital for your erratic breathing and heartbeat.”

She felt a warm flush creeping across her cheeks. “No, it’s you,” she murmured.

He cocked his eyebrows. “So you’re saying if Dr. Pendleton were here taking your vitals you wouldn’t be reacting this way?”

Laughter sputtered from her lips. “Of course not.”

Shifting his body, he leaned in closer to her. His dark eyes penetrated hers. “Why do I make you nervous, Emma?”

Her mouth ran dry, and she licked her lips. “Because…” You’re so damn good-looking, and your fabulous body kicks my pregnancy hormones into overdrive, making me think things about you I shouldn’t. But more than the lust, you’re kind and compassionate, and if given the chance, I could see myself falling in love with you.

Emma exhaled the breath she had been holding. “You confuse me.”

“I confuse you?”

Staring down at her hands, she said, “I still care very deeply for Aidan, but when I’m with you, I start to feel…differently.”

“So I at least have a chance to woo you?”

She snapped her head up to stare at him. “To woo me?”

Pesh laughed. “Not a word you would usually use?”

“Not exactly.”

He tilted his head in thought. “Hmm, a chance to romance you then? To wine and dine you?”

Emma smiled and pointed to her belly. “There will be no wining, and with my bed rest, our dining is going to be a little limited.”

“Ah, but that’s why I brought food to you.” He rose off the couch. “Let me go get it, and we’ll commence our wooing.”

He winked at her, and she laughed. “Okay.”

When Pesh got to the door, he stopped and turned around. “As long as I have a chance to win your heart, Emma, I’ll take whatever you can give me.”


  1. EEEP! I love Aiden, but man Pesh seems great too!

  2. AHHHHH!!! You are such a tease. I can not wait for this book.

  3. OOOOMMMMMGGGGG! What an AWESOME teaser! YESH! Love a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. No drama and definitely ALL MALE! YUM!

  4. OMG!!! I'm loving it.... Aidan should had never try to play her.... Love Emma so independent.... cant wait for the book!

  5. WOW! How wonderfully unexpected! Looking at these pictures of Mr. Trouble however has me all confused so I completely understand where Emma is coming from. (Eeek - this guy is cute!) However this has me feeling all kinds of sorry for Aiden so it’s clear to me that I want to see Aiden get his girl back! Can't wait for the book! Thanks for the teaser!! <3

  6. Not sure how I feel about this... I am torn...
    Emma deserves a commited man and Aidan messed up, but... I want Aidan to get the girl ;)

  7. That's John Abraham in the pictures, he's my favourite bollywood actor! So dreamy!

  8. Oh this is soooo wrong !!!! You are tormenting us !!! UGH !!!! I can't wait for the book !!! HURRY !!!

  9. SHUCKS!!!! This makes me feel like I'm peeking in on something I shouldn't be.
    I need to go find Aidan and tell him to get his shit together real quick.

  10. I'm sorry but I don't want Dr. Pesh to win Emma over....You can't just fall out of love with someone, or can you?! Ugh I hope Aidan figures a way to "woo Emma" too because I would be so heartbroken if they didn't make it to a true hearts and flowers proposal like the first time in the suite.... Spoken by a true hopeful romantic! Great job as always, please keep them coming!!!

  11. awh love it!!! give Aiden some comptition!!!

  12. Holy Geez! I can't wait for this book. It will be interesting to see how Aiden handles the comptition. He'll have to fight for her now.

  13. Oh man, Dr. Pesh is going to give Aidan a run for his money. Is it January yet? :)

  14. I can't believe this! never expected to c John as Dr.Pesh.. He's one of my favourite Idian actor!! Now im confused!! but stl rooting for Aidan!!!

  15. wow...why do we have to wait so long... ;)

  16. omg! i used to want an aidan, well minus the not-sure-if-i'm-inlove-to-a-girl-i-like-going-out with side but now i want a pesh too. golly!

  17. OMG A friggin' hot doctor! YUM! Can't blame Emma if she's torn between two hot guys! Can't wait!

  18. I might have to read this on my desktop....there will be less chance of me throwing that!!! I know Aiden screwed up & I want her to make him work for it...but I want him to make it right!!!

  19. Jensen ackle or john abraham!! Soooooo not fair!!!........ Love them both, dont know whom to root for!!....... Still as screwed up adrian is.....being a romance jumkie...i think will root for your writting style...and congratulations for being amongst the best sellers:-)

  20. I can't wait for this book to come already. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! I like them both it's like one is the good dream guy, and the other is the bad boy that everyone wants to take to bed. But can he be a forever?????