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The Proposition



Friday, May 3, 2013

Contest for Love Notes and Book Updates

First, let me say how mortified and horrified I was to learn that the wrong copy of Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game was sent to the formatter, and thus uploaded to Amazon. It is getting rectified ASAP(by the weekend), and I hope you can bear with me on the typos and punctuation errors--nothing changes with the story/plot. Although I had pushed the release date back twice, I was bound and determined to release it--even though I was ten days off of surgery and sorta on pain medicine, lol. So it's easy to see why this hiccup happened

Second, I'm so very, very proud of my buddy Heather Gunter for releasing her Young Adult novel, Love Notes. I've giving away 3 ebook copies so just enter below.

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Third, I wanted to let you know what's coming up next. First up is the June 30th release of the New Adult book Search Me. Here's the cover and blurb:

Nineteen year old Lane Montgomery never imagined her usually boring summer in the boonies would require her to trade her toe shoes for hunting boots or her monotonous college textbooks for treasure map deciphering. Never would she have imagined after breaking her grandmother’s precious Native American statue, danger, a lost treasure of Cherokee Gold and a hostage situation would arise. Nor could she predict that the one man destined to protect her and her family was her childhood nemesis and former crush, Maddox Diaz.

Returning after three years in the Army, twenty-two year old Maddox Diaz is confronted with more than he bargained for when agreeing to help his childhood buddy and deepest regret, Lane. Suddenly he is thrust into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with armed and ruthless treasure seekers that results in car chases and gun battles all in the presence of the one girl who still manages to haunt his dreams and drive him wild with desire.

Lane is determined to deny the sizzling chemistry with the man who stole her virginity and broke her heart. She just wants to stay alive with her heart intact. Will she be able to resist the man whose body sets fire to all her senses?

Then I also know you're very anxious to see if Abby and Jake's story will be continued. And in a way it will. AJ will be getting his own book, Beat of the Heart, which will be coming out September/October. We will see Abby and Jake in it as well as Rhys's book, Strings of my Heart. I'm excited to dive in to AJ's story and introduce you to him and his lady love, Mia. Abby and Jake will be featured prominently in the book along with the other guys of the band.

The Pairing, Pesh and Megan's story, will be released in November/December. Here's a sneaky peek at the cover--the blurb is coming soon.

Thanks again for all your book love and support!!! You rock!!! 


  1. Thank you for this contest! Love both of you ladies :)

  2. OMG you rock I can't wait to read both books. Thank you. You are a amazing lady xx

  3. Thank you for the giveaway and I'm looking forward to reading your books.

  4. Congrats on your new release Heather!!

  5. thanks so much for this contest denise s