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The Proposition

The Proposition



Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy One Year Anniversary of Music of the Heart & Giveaway

A year ago today I published Music of the Heart!!!

Back in November 2012 after The Proposition's release, I started what I thought would be my next book. The rockstar genre was huge, and I wanted to put my feet in the water. Of course whenever I set out to write a book, I always want take the similar tropes of a genre and turn them on their heads to where the action, the characters, and even the setting are all my own.

For my rocker book, I envisioned a virginal missionary's daughter with the voice of an angel and the bad boy rocker, lost and adrift in the unreal waters of celebrity, who was forever changed by her love. I got 11K words in when my course of writing changed because of the Cliffhanger of Doom in  The Proposition. Readers were rabid to know what happened with Aidan and Emma, so I had to put Music of the Heart aside and work on The Proposal.

When Music of the Heart debuted, I never, ever in my wildest dreams imagined how successful it would be. I just wanted an audience to read and enjoy it. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Within the first week of release, I was #3 overall on Amazon. NUMBER FREAKIN' 3! Proposition and Proposal only got to 7, so I'd never made the Top 5. Then Music spent 3 weeks on the New York Times Bestsellers List and 4 on USA Today. An amazing abundance of blessings came with this novel. I also never imagined more than one book, but then because of my amazing readers loving and embracing AJ, Rhys, and Brayden, it has become a series.

I can never thank my readers enough for blessing me with their love and support of Jake and Abby, and in turn, AJ and Mia and I hope Rhys and Allison. For writing reviews about how they wept and laughed and then also wanted to throttle Jake...and maybe Abby!

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