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The Proposition



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jacob's Ladder: Eli is Coming March 26th along with a Proposition series short story!

Well, long time no blog again! I swear, I seem to always forget about updating. It always goes in my New Year's Resolutions! 

Anyhoo, I have a release coming next Monday that I'm really, really excited about. I fell in love with the Renard brothers back when I was writing Strings of the Heart. I had full intentions of Eli and Gabe's books coming out in 2015, but alas, life got in the way. There have been six other full releases since then along with two novellas. 

Jacob's Ladder: Gabe came out in November. It was the first time I'd written a single mother story, and I loved it. With Jacob's Ladder: Eli, it is my first time writing a widow. It's also a friends to lovers romance, which I adore. Here's what it is about!

One wouldn’t expect a sexy-as-sin rocker like Eli Renard to spend time with a woman just as a friend, but that’s exactly what Emersyn Wallace is to him. Just a friend. Even though she’s matured into a beauty, Eli still doesn’t remotely see his childhood pal as a sex-object. When tragedy brings her back into his world, Eli moves mountains to help Emersyn get back on her feet by finding her a job as a backup singer for Jacob’s Ladder. At first, Eli is thrilled that Emerysn is along on tour, and he sets out to do his best to help her forget her sorrow through a range of crazy friend dates. But after spending so much time with her in such close quarters, Eli finds his feelings beginning to shift. He no longer sees Emersyn as the once awkward young girl he played some of his first songs with. Soon it’s not only his body that reacts to her, but it’s also his heart. He’s about to learn what a dangerous game it is to dry a widow’s tears.

 After losing her husband and singing partner in a tragic accident, Emersyn Wallace spent the last eight months drowning in a sea of grief. With the bills piling up and her family and friends concerned about her emotional welfare, she reluctantly agrees to join the Jacob’s Ladder’s tour. While recapturing her lost love of singing and performing, she finds both comfort and healing in Eli’s gregarious personality and outrageous sense of humor. But as the anniversary of her husband’s death approaches, she finds herself in turmoil over her new amorous feelings for Eli. 

Can Eli and Emersyn find the perfect melody to transition from friends to lovers, or will their relationship end out of tune? 

Here are the pre-order links. It will be going into KU on release day, so if you're an iBooks, Nook, or Kobo reader, make sure you preorder. 

Amazon: will go live on March 26

And as a bonus to purchasing Jacob's Ladder: Eli, you get a never before read Proposition short story that sees Aidan and Emma trying to head out of town for a romantic fifth-anniversary getaway when calamity ensues!!