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The Proposition

The Proposition



Sunday, November 11, 2012

Overly Verbose Allegedly 7 Sentence Sunday Snip!!

I think it must be the fact I think outside the box or something because I find it hard to limit myself to 6 or 7 sentences. Maybe it's just I'm an overly giving person!! Or maybe it's I feel I need to make ammends for the *whispers cliffhanger* that has so many people upset with me.

Sooo, here's from Emma's first chapter in The Proposal....she's with Patrick at the moment!!

“Come on, Em, you’re a beautiful, vibrant young woman. What in the hell are you doing here at the VFW with me and a bunch of other old farts?” Patrick asked, with a grin.
She giggled. “Are you kidding? I can't miss Saturday Bingo! What about all the fabulous prizes I could win? That bulk sized box of Depends is calling my name.” When his chest vibrated with amusement, she pointed a finger. “Hey, you shouldn’t laugh. You’ve had a pregnant wife and daughters. You know lack of bladder control is serious business!”

"Such a little sass pot, aren’t you? What a mouth you’ve got for such a supposedly sweet girl!”

Emma’s heart stilled as she heard Aidan’s voice echo in her ears, “That mouth of yours is trouble.” An ache burned through her chest, and she fought to catch her breath.


  1. Thanks for posting....getting excited to read more!

  2. I need a time machine... I need to get this book!!! :)

  3. Thank you for posting gah I cannot wait till January. :-) loooove it.

  4. I cant wait!!! Thanks for the teaser :)

  5. Thanks for this snippet... looking forward to this.. can't wait!!!!

  6. Looking forward to January, a cup of cocoa, a fire and The Proposal.