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The Proposition

The Proposition



Monday, October 29, 2012

Man Candy Monday & The Rest of Chapter One

Ack, with all the madness that is Pre-Release, I left you hanging on the end of Chapter 1!! How could I????

So, right after my Man Candy Monday pics,  you can have the end!!

This week's Man Candy is sexy men with babies...Pretty good choice considering The Proposition deals with a sexy man and babies!!

Cam Gigandet and his baby

Chris Hemsworth....SWOONS with double the SEXINESS

Ryan Lochte and his nephew

And finally, twice the sexiness with Daddy & Twins!!

And now here is the end of Chapter One. I left you just as Aidan has gone into the bathroom to check on Emma, and she thinks it's Connor. 

"Actually, it isn’t Connor.”

At the sound of a stranger’s voice, Emma snatched the towel away from her eyes. Horror washed over her face at the sight of Aidan standing before her. Quickly, she jerked her skirt down and ran a hand through her disheveled hair. “I didn’t expect to see you, Mr. Fitzgerald,” she said, meekly.

A grin slunk across his face. “No, I imagine you were expecting to get to castrate Connor.”

Emma’s cheeks and neck flushed the color of her hair. “I’m sorry you had to hear that, and I’m so sorry you had to get in the middle of our argument. As embarrassing as it was—it is—I appreciate what you tried to do.”

He shrugged. “I was happy to help.”

“Well, I am grateful. And I’m sorry for ruining your evening.”

Never one to forgo an opportunity, Aidan grinned. “You haven’t ruined my evening. In fact, the night is still young, so why don’t you let me buy you a drink?”

She twisted the paper towel in her hands before tossing it into the trashcan. “Um, that’s nice of you to offer, but it’s been a long day. I should probably get home.”

“We could walk right across the street to O’Malley’s.” At her continued hesitation, he laughed. “I promise it’s not an offer to try to ply you with alcohol in your weakened emotional state to get you to come home with me.” Secretly, he hoped a drink or two might be able to thaw her icy veneer and give him a chance to move in for the kill. 

He wasn’t too surprised when shock flooded Emma’s face. “Really?”

He crossed his fingers over his heart. “Scout’s Honor,” he lied.

The corners of her lips quirked up like she was fighting a smile. “Okay then. After the day I’ve had, I could sure use one.” She glanced back at the mirror. “Oh, I’m a mess. Could you give me a few minutes to freshen up?”

“Of course. I’ll be right outside.”

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  1. It's so great! You know how to hook your readers. ;)
    November is almost here. I can't wait!