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The Proposition

The Proposition



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Proposition's Main Players: Or an Excuse for Some Man Candy!

Ooh, first post time!! I know a lot of people like to form their own opinion of what a character looks like. So, if you have an aversion to seeing "who inspired" or "who would play", then just skip this post.

As you will come to know, I have a slight obsession with Supernatural. I'm actually a late blooming fan as I didn't start watching until last year(Netflix is my Sam and Dean addiction friend). So when I got the idea for The Proposition and the character of a cocky, amusing womanizer came to mind, I saw one person...Jensen Ackles aka Dean.

In the book, Aidan is sandy haired with blue eyes(just pretend that Jensen doesn't have those piercing green ones) Sure, Aidan doesn't lead an exciting life as a demon hunter--he's a marketing executive, BUT he does have a charming way with the ladies like Dean. Just when you think Dean is a major jackass, he shows major heart and care for others...which is just like Aidan.

 And here's another just because this post could use a little naughty man candy!! SWOONS!!

When I thought of Emma, I saw a dual personality--somewhat shy and innocent one minute and the next fiery and unreserved. Auburn hair and green eyes came to match to the I see Emma as Christina Hendricks.

And this picture really sums up her shy, yet sexy side!!

So there you have it!! The main players for The Proposition!! Next first TEASER TUESDAY!!