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The Proposition

The Proposition



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teaser Tuesday #2

Here's a longer tidbit than a usual teaser, but since next week is the big release, I wanted to give you a wee bit more!! Hope you enjoy!!

Setting the stage: Emma and Aidan are having dinner before their first baby-making session...Emma's nerves are working in overdrive.

Emma was never more grateful when the waiter returned with her margarita. She tipped it up and took a long, fiery gulp, sucking half of the glass down. She shuddered when the alcohol hit her stomach.
            By the time the waiter took their food order, she had guzzled the scorching tequila heavy drink and ordered another one.
            “I guess they make a pretty mean margarita here, huh?” Aidan asked with a tight smile.
            She bobbed her head enthusiastically. “Totally.”
            While Aidan launched into a conversation detailing his promotion to Vice President of marketing and how he was looking forward to all the traveling, Emma worked at draining her second margarita. She barely processed his ramblings about working overseas and within the country for business. Instead, she focused on slurping the liquid courage through the tiny straw. Without missing a beat, she waved the waiter over for another. Aidan cut himself off mid-sentence and quirked his blonde eyebrows. “Are you trying to get drunk off your ass so you can endure having sex with me?”  
            “No, no, that’s not it at all!” she cried.
            He leaned in across the table. “You barely drank half of your margarita last week. Now you’re downing them like a lush fresh out of rehab.”
            Emma drew in a deep breath, deciding it was best to be honest with him. “It’s just…I’m nervous that’s all.”
            “About us sleeping together?”
            Emma nodded.
            Aidan’s brows creased. “Are you afraid I’m going to hurt you or make you do something you don’t want to?”
            “No, it’s nothing like that.”
            “Then what is it?” he demanded.
            “I’m afraid of being a disappointment.”
            His mouth fell open in disbelief. “How could possibly think that?”
            She shrugged. “Because you’ve been with a lot of women…I don’t have the experience. I’ve only been with one man, and outside of him, I don’t know what men want.”
            “First of all, despite what the rumor mill says my number is relatively low, Emma. It’s not like I’ve fucked half of the city, or I’m Gene Simmons from Kiss. And second, sex is basically the same premise no matter who you’re with. Different people bring different likes and desires to the table.”
            She toyed with the straw in her drink. “I guess I’m afraid once you’ve been with me, you won’t want to follow through with our bargain.”
            “Like I’d be so turned off by the experience I’d never want to sleep with you again?”
            “Yes,” she murmured. When Aidan threw his head back and roared with laughter, her lip trembled slightly. “It’s not funny.”
His amusement quickly faded. “Oh Em, I’m sorry if I hurt you’re feelings. It’s just I couldn’t imagine you would actually believe something like that.”


  1. <3 this so much! I love this side to Aidan!! Great scene to do as a teaser!

  2. Awesome teaser! I'm so glad that The Proposition will be released earlier. I can't wait to read it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this Aidan. ;)